About Daniel

Daniel Bek is a former fashion model with Wilhelmina models turned fitness pro. After travelling the world for 4 years and seeing the unhealthy habits he himself and the many models around him had picked up, Daniel shifted his focus to mastering health & fitness in an attempt to help as many people as possible reach their fitness goals in a systematic, sustainable, and enjoyable way.

After his time as a pro fashion model, Daniel studied Kinesiology in the City College of Brooklyn, NY where he internalized the concepts of biomechanics, anatomy and physiology, and performance enhancement. After graduation, Daniel went on to get his certifications with NASM (National American Sports Medicine) as a certified personal trainer, corrective exercise, performance enhancement, suspension training, and strength and conditioning specialist. Here is Daniel’s take on his programs:

“ it is a systematic customizable form of coaching that helps you get to your goals in a sustainable and enjoyable way. I base my programs on sound scientific principles. I combine corrective exercise techniques to improve posture, mobility and flexibility. I couple that with Strength and conditioning, Performance enhancement & physical therapy based training techniques in order to improve strength, athletic performance, functional strength, + overall health & well-being”

To this day Daniel has helped dozens of clients of all ages achieve their fitness goals and is eager to help dozens more. It is Daniel’s mission in life to help as many people as possible feel healthy, strong, and confident through implementing the principles of exercise science.

During my modelling years, I struggled with maintaining the perfect body image. That included restrictive diets and 2-hour workouts almost every day. Over time this type of lifestyle beat me down. I developed horrible body dysmorphia, binge eating disorder and low self-esteem. Not to mention i never saw any results from the workouts i did. Eventually, I reached a breaking point and was looking for a better way to approach health and fitness.

The more I read, researched and experimented with health and fitness the more I began to fall in love with exercise science. My new addiction became learning about the disciplines of exercise science such as biomechanics, anatomy & physiology, physical therapy and more. As I look back at my career as a health and fitness professional I have come to realize that I am a truly passionate fitness pro. After helping dozens of clients achieve their goals I believe that there is nothing better than transforming someone’s health and well being. Seeing a person glow up from my teachings is the best feeling out there (at least to me). To this day I continue to seek out as much knowledge as possible as it pertains to the field of exercise science in order to help as many people as I can through my integrated and fully dynamic training philosophies/methodologies.

Daniel Bek.

Whether you’re new to exercising or have some prior experience, Daniel Bek is here to provide you with personalized coaching. Daniel’s professional programming, tools, and guidance will help you stay on track and reach your goals so you can get to a healthier & stronger place.
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Bring your body to a conditioned state

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