Training Philosophy

Identify & Diagnose: We first aim to identify any potential ailments that are limiting factors of success in fitness. These limiting factors can range from past injuries, to muscle tightness and inefficient movement patterns. A fully integrated/dynamic physical fitness screening examination is administered to identify any limitations.

Eradicate: Next we work to eradicate those musculoskeletal issues (if any). A multifactorial muscular re-conditioning & rehabilitation program is curated by our head trainer (Daniel Bek, CPT) in order to help you improve upon your foundational fitness (i.e. muscular stabilization, intra-abdominal pressure, endurance, etc.) while at the same time alleviating any postural, mobility, and flexibility issues that may have been discovered. 

Build: Once all musculoskeletal issues have been handled and the client’s foundational fitness has been established, our role at DB\PT is to build upon this foundation fitness via periodized resistance training programs. Through these programs we aim to build functional strength, muscle and athletic performance.

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